Dear Istanbulites,

The Vision 2050 Office, established within the Istanbul Planning Agency, is a new beginning for this ancient city. With this start, it will be possible for us to look more hopeful to the future. Now we want to decide on the future of the city together.


We underline that only 16 million Istanbul residents can find solutions to the real problems of Istanbul, which has been managed without common sense in recent years. We are building a fair, green and creative city with local democracy.


Istanbul is tired now. And it seeks long-term solutions to its real problems, where not only today but tomorrow is taken into account. For a solution, it is necessary to look at the past, to benefit from experiences, to learn from mistakes. We are designing an exemplary participation process by examining the planning processes of Istanbul, other cities in our country and the world's leading metropolises.


Participatory local democracy is our most fundamental principle. We are developing methods to ensure that every citizen is included in the city-related decisions. We established the Istanbul Planning Agency and its Vision 2050 Office, which we launched on February 12, 2020, in line with such a quest and goal. In the light of months-long discussions, examinations and recommendations of experts, we determined working topics that touch every aspect of life. Istanbul Vision 2050 Office aims to determine the policies and strategies needed in these matters through participatory methods. Istanbul Vision 2050 Office will produce spatial and strategic plans for a living, producing, resource-creating, protecting, sharing, safe and healthy Istanbul. It will also propose detailed projects that will directly touch the lives of our people within the framework of the common vision of the city to be determined.


Our goal is to plan together a livable Istanbul that respects nature, protects its cultural heritage, is compatible with the environment, has a completed infrastructure and takes decisions about its future with common sense. We wish to make Istanbul a fair and creative where happy people can live together in peace and tranquility, and to create a local democracy model that will set an example to the world. Because we know that if Istanbul, which has affected humanity throughout its history, changes, the world will change.