Dear Istanbul Residents,

The Vision 2050 Office, established under the umbrella of Istanbul Planning Agency, can be described as a new beginning for this ancient city. Now we want to decide together on the future of the city. With this beginning, we will look to the future more hopefully. 

In the last years İstanbul has been governed without reaching consensus on many issues. Hence we highlight that İstanbul’s real problems can only be solved with the consent of 16 million citizens of Istanbul. And we are building a fair, green and creative city based on local democracy.

Istanbul is tired now and it seeks long-term strategies for solving its fundamental problems that are not only experienced today but also may take place tomorrow. For creating a solid strategy for the future we need to look back to the past, utilize the experience and learn from the mistakes. We are not only designing an exemplary participation process but exploring the planning history of Istanbul in order to comprehend the reasons of development beyond the scope of the plans. The best practices of other cities in our country and the world’s leading metropolises will be examined to lighten our process.

Participatory local democracy is our most fundamental principle. We are developing methods to ensure that every citizen takes part in the decision-making processes for city-related issues. We established the Istanbul Planning Agency on 12th February 2020, and the Vision 2050 Office within it to realize these goals. After long comprehensive discussions and taking the suggestions of experts we have identified research areas that cover all aspects of urban life. Istanbul Vision 2050 Office aims to determine the policies and strategies needed in these issues through participatory methods. Istanbul Vision 2050 Office will produce spatial and strategic plans for a safe and healthy Istanbul that lives, produces, creates resources, protects and shares. Istanbul Vision 2050 Office will also propose detailed projects that rely on the framework of the common vision of the city and will directly touch on the lives of our residents.

Our goal is to plan the future of Istanbul together, and to make Istanbul more livable, respectful to nature, and harmonious with the environment. We imagine a city that protects cultural heritage, utilizes a completed infrastructure and takes decisions about its future based on common deliberation. We aim to make Istanbul a fair and creative city, where happy people live together in peace and tranquillity, and create a model of local democracy that will set an example to the world. We know for sure that if Istanbul, which has influenced humanity throughout its history, changes, the world will change.