What kind of Istanbul do we want? How can we plan the future of Istanbul together? The Vision 2050 Office was established in February 2020 as a component of the Istanbul Planning Agency to answer these questions with a vision and strategy study.

Istanbul needs a vision, policy and strategy document that has been determined together for many years. The large-scale projects made by different institutions and the increasing number of transformation projects that do not comply with the current upper-scale plan decisions in Istanbul fundamentally disrupt the plan integrity of Istanbul. And the economic, social and environmental impacts of these projects remain unresolved within the current planning system; it prevents the city from developing in a more just and livable way. In this framework, a new step is taken that puts the participation of Istanbul residents at the center with the Vizyon 2050 study.


In the first phase of this new step, issues, problems and potentials that are already waiting to be improved will be identified. In the second stage, the goals that will make Istanbul more fair and livable, and the policy, concrete decisions and action plans to be implemented for the realization of these goals will be determined.


This study, carried out by the IMM Directorate of Urban Planning together with the İPA, Vision 2050 office, focuses on migration and population policies, income distribution, education, poverty alleviation, transportation, gender, public spaces, climate crisis, ecology, environment, earthquake, agriculture and There are many topics such as access to healthy food.


The 2050 vision is prepared with a perspective that will take them further, taking into account the development policies and strategy documents prepared at international, national and local scale. In this direction, the Vision 2050 Office highlights the following principles for the present and future of Istanbul:


Equal and Fair