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You can:-Sign up to our mailing list to be notified about us;-Join our surveys;-Inform everyone about the plan;-Share your criticism, suggestions and ideas with us from the Speaker’s Corner section.
Istanbul is your city and this is your plan. We shape our common future and the way we want it to be for our children and grandchildren as part of the city where we live, work, use the park and outdoor areas, and enjoy all together.
We want the plan to be shaped according to the needs and priorities of different perspectives. For this reason, we proceed with a program including tools such as workshops, interviews and surveys.
Demography, Migration and Population PoliciesSectoral Solutions: Industry, Services, Tourism and Creative SectorsDistribution of Income and Employment PoliciesEducation Policies, Social Policies and Combating PovertyGender PoliciesEnergy PoliciesTransport and Infrastructure OrganizationPublic Spaces, Green Systems and Coastal AreasUrban Resilience, Disaster and Risk ManagementTechnology, Innovation and Smart UrbanismHousing Policies and Urban TransformationCultural Heritage and ConservationRural Areas, Agricultural Policies and Access to Healthy FoodParticipatory Democratic Governance PoliciesCulture PoliciesClimate Crisis, Ecology ve Environmental PoliciesSpatial Organization and Development Strategies
Istanbul is one of the most important cities in Turkey and has a rich culture with its unique history and biological value. Previously, there was no plan for such a precious city that extended 30 years into the future. Therefore, a plan that enables the participation of city's shareholders and produces new policies covering all regions of Istanbul will be created.
It is being prepared as a road map for the next 30 years of Istanbul. The plan will be accompanied by participatory processes and be a guiding document both in short and long terms in decision making processes.