Cultural Heritage and Conservation

Despite all the diversity it has in two different continents, Istanbul's cultural heritage and natural assets are given limited significance with respect to the organization of everyday city life in Istanbul. Thus, along with the conservation disciplines, any effort to enhance Istanbul’s cultural heritage is directly related to all the disciplines, professions and services concerning the city. While these intersections within the urban dynamics enrich cultural value, they also cause problems especially in the urban service areas. The main purpose of the study is to introduce a multi-dimensional conservation approach that aims at solving these problems on different levels such as participation, equality and accessibility. In order to achieve this objective, a rights-based perspective will be utilized thoroughly. In this study, the components of cultural heritage will not be treated as attractive and touristic objects. Rather, cultural heritage and natural assets are going to be elaborated as a dynamic phenomena living together with the residents of Istanbul. In this sense, they will be examined as alive, livable that can be shared and reproduced. In this direction, this study is going to draw up conservation strategies and policies that will conserve and actualize Istanbul’s cultural heritage without any discrimination.

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