Housing Policies and Urban Transformation

Firstly, the residential use in Istanbul (ownership, tenancy and other use) and the quality of housing, structures and regions that need urban transformation will be determined with the support of the studies and plans that are being prepared within the IMM Planning Directorate. Urban transformation projects which are specific to shantytown areas, disaster areas, industrial areas, Historical Peninsula, old and new central business areas, new developmental areas in the urban periphery and the surroundings of mega-projects will be examined separately. Vision 2050 process will be shaped by the democratic participation of neighborhood associations, professional chambers, academics, public institutions, construction and real estate firms and citizens. During this process, poor and people in need and those living in buildings that are not resilient to earthquakes and/or low quality buildings will be prioritized. Moreover, within the framework of the right to the city, policies that aim on-site urban transformation will be implemented.

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