Demography, Migration and Population Policies

We would like to eventually understand the social patterns of the city based on the demographic findings of the study. For this reason, we will analyse the data regarding death/birth rates, gender, age distribution, migration and the other population movements, in terms of spatial and social context. Subsequently, the current state of the social structure in Istanbul will be examined. In order to foresee the demographic structure of Istanbul in 2050, we aim to offer population policies for 2050 by producing forecasts over different scenarios.The phenomenon of migration is one of the most important population movements in Istanbul and it has a changing nature. That is why it is a requirement to take this dynamic aspect of the case into consideration. We will create new agendas and a vision for 2050 with the lights of the debates surrounding the concepts of right to city, coexistence, social peace, immigrant rights, and citizen law. We would like to affect the city life in this direction.

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