Webinar: Columbia Global Centers - 15 Minute Cities

Created Date 15 February 2021

Author editor

Vision 2050 researcher Müge Yorgancı moderated the panel titled "Pandemic and Re-Shaping the Urban Landscape: Hyper Localization and 15-Minute Cities" organized by Columbia Global Centers: Istanbul, Rio and Paris.

The “15-minute city” is an urban design approach that aims to improve the quality of urban life by reshaping cities in such a way that any basic need of a resident is accessible in 15 minutes by walk, bike or public transit.

The panelists reviewed urban mobility cultures in light of the new approaches to urban landscape and transportation developed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The panel continued with a discussion on the role of  the streets in the context of the 15 minute city concept. Finally, speakers investigated the obstacles before applying the concept, and questioned how one can rethink the role of the streets as well as public spaces in terms of mobility and accessibility.

You can watch the video record of the webinar on Youtube